Service Fees

CIBTvisas service fees are per application and are exclusive of Consular fees and third party fees.

Country Handling Fees

Excl. GST Incl. GST
Angola Business eVisa, Angola Tourist eVisa, Australia ETA For Business, Australia ETA For Tourism, Azerbaijan Business e-visa, Azerbaijan Official e-visa, Azerbaijan Student e-visa, Azerbaijan Tourist e-visa, Bahamas Business eVisa, Bahamas Sports Activity eVisa, Bahamas Tourist eVisa, Bahamas Transit eVisa, Benin Business Evisa, Benin Tourist Evisa, Burkina Faso Business eVisa, Burkina Faso Conference eVisa, Burkina Faso Private eVisa, Burkina Faso Student eVisa, Burkina Faso Tourist eVisa, Cambodia Business eVisa, Cambodia Tourist eVisa, Cameroon Business eVisa, Cameroon Private eVisa, Cameroon Student eVisa, Cameroon Tourist eVisa, Cameroon Transit eVisa, Cameroon Work eVisa, Canada B-ETA, Canada T-ETA, Canada Transit ETA, Cape Verde Business eVisa, Cape Verde Tourist eVisa, Egypt Tourist eVisa, Ethiopia Business e-visa, Ethiopia Conference e-visa, Ethiopia Journalist e-visa, Ethiopia NGO e-visa, Ethiopia Tourist e-visa, Fiji Business eVisa, Fiji Tourist eVisa, Guinea Business eVisa, Guinea Tourist eVisa, Guinea Transit eVisa, Indonesia Business eVisa, Indonesia Tourist eVisa, Ivory Coast Business Evisa, Ivory Coast Tourist Evisa, Jordan Business eVisa, Jordan Tourist eVisa, Kenya Business ETA, Kenya Business e-visa, Kenya East Africa Tourist eVisa, Kenya Official ETA, Kenya Official eVisa, Kenya Tourism -ETA, Kenya Tourist e-visa, Kenya Transit ETA, Kenya Transit e-visa, Malawi Business e-visa, Malawi Official e-visa, Malawi Tourist e-visa, Malawi Transit e-visa, Malaysia Business eVisa, Malaysia Tourist eVisa, Morocco Business eVisa, Morocco Tourist eVisa, Mozambique Business eVisa, Mozambique Tourist eVisa, Myanmar Business eVisa, Myanmar Tourist eVisa, New Zealand Business eVisa, New Zealand Cruise eVisa, New Zealand Tourist eVisa, New Zealand Transit eVisa, Papua New Guinea Business eVisa, Papua New Guinea Tourist eVisa, Saudi Arabia Cruise eVisa, Saudi Arabia Tourist E-Visa, Seychelles B-ETA, Seychelles T-ETA, Seychelles TR-ETA, South Korea Business e-visa, South Korea Tourist e-visa, South Sudan Business e-visa, South Sudan Tourist e-visa, South Sudan Work e-visa, Sri Lanka Business ETA, Sri Lanka Tourist ETA, Sri Lanka Transit ETA, Suriname Business eVisa, Suriname Tourist eVisa, Tanzania Business eVisa, Tanzania NGO eVisa, Tanzania Tourist eVisa, Togo Business eVisa, Togo Tourist eVisa, Turkey Business ETA, Turkey Tourist ETA, Uganda Business eVisa, Uganda Tourist eVisa, USA Business ESTA, USA Tourist ESTA, Vietnam Business E-visa, Vietnam Tourist E-visa, Vietnam Transit E-visa, Zambia Business eVisa, Zambia KAZA eVisa, Zambia Official eVisa, Zambia Tourist eVisa, Zambia Transit eVisa, Zambia Volunteer eVisa, Zimbabwe Business E-visa, Zimbabwe Conference E-visa, Zimbabwe KAZA E-visa, Zimbabwe Tourist E-visa, Zimbabwe Transit E-visa
Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, China, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Grenada, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Republic, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea (South), Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Bahrain Business eVisa, Bahrain Tourist eVisa, Oman Tourist Evisa

Despatch and Delivery Fees

Excl. GST Incl. GST
Collection from CIBT Office, Collection from CIBT Office Bangalore, Collection from CIBT Office Delhi, Collection from CIBT Office Hyderabad, Collection from CIBT Office Mumbai, Overnight Courier

Premium Country Handling Fees

Excl. GST Incl. GST
Austria Executive Service, Belgium Executive Service, Brazil Executive Service, Bulgaria Executive Service, Canada Executive Service, Croatia Executive Service, Czech Rep Executive Service, Denmark Executive Service, Estonia Executive Service, Finland Executive Service, France Executive Service, Germany Executive Service, Greece Executive Service, Hungary Executive Service, Iceland Executive Service, Ireland Executive Service, Italy Executive Service, Latvia Executive Service, Liechtenstein Executive Service, Lithuania Executive Service, Luxembourg Executive Service, Malta Executive Service, Mexico Executive Service, Netherlands Executive Service, Norway Executive Service, Poland Executive Service, Portugal Executive Service, Romania Executive Service, Slovakia Executive Service, Slovenia Executive Service, Spain Executive Service, Sweden Executive Service, Switzerland Executive Service, United Kingdom Executive Service, USA Executive Service - Business (B1 or B1/B2), USA Executive Service - Tourist (B2 or B1/B2)

Supplementary Fees

Excl. GST Incl. GST
Digital Photo Service, Visa Scan
Business Cover Letter, Company Support Letter

Prices reflect CIBTvisas service fees only. The total price of your order will depend on the services you select, the number of travellers and the number of business days we have to process your order, starting with the day we submit your application. Consular fees are subject to change without advance notice at any time by various governments. Please note that whether or not you choose to use CIBTvisas consular fees must be paid to the consulate for completion of your visa request.

Payment Methods

American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Debit Cards.

You will receive a copy of the credit card or debit card receipt when your order is complete.

Special Programs

CIBTvisas offers special rate plans to major corporations, cruise lines, tour operators, travel agencies, governments and humanitarian organisations. Please contact us for details.