Sample of the Business Travel Requirements for a China Visa for Indian Citizens

  1. Passport

    The applicant's actual passport. The passport must:

    • Have at least two blank visa pages
    • Be valid for six months at time of application

  2. Copy of Passport

    A copy of the first and the last information page of the applicant's passport

  3. Visa Application and Photograph

    Complete your China visa application form by logging onto after you have placed your order. This will ensure your documentation is accurately prepared and correctly submitted according to consular guidelines.

  4. Business Cover Letter

    You must provide an original Business Cover Letter from the applicant's Indian employer. All letters must be printed on company letterhead that displays an Indian postal address in order to prevent a rejection and possible delays with your visa request.

    Note that most embassies require the Business Cover Letter to be dated within one month of application submission.

    In addition your Business Cover Letter must:
    • Be on Indian company letterhead
    • Be addressed to "The Visa Officer, Chinese Consulate General, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India / Name of the applicant"
    • Have a subject line indicating the purpose of the visit
    • Indicate applicant's name, designation in the company
    • Include the applicant's date of birth, passport number, place of issue, issue date, and expiry date 
    • Include purpose of visit, duration of visit, arrival and departure dates, and number of entries requested
    • Indicate details about the inviting company in China, such as full name, address, and contact details
    • Indicate who will pay for the expenses during the period of travel
    • Be signed by the authorized signatory with name, designation, and contact number, and email address
    • Be sealed with company's round seal stamp

  5. Letter of Invitation

    A letter of invitation from the company in China. This letter must:

    • Be on company letterhead paper 
    • Be addressed to "The Visa Officer, Chinese Consulate General, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India / Name of the applicant"
    • Include the applicant's name, date of birth, gender, and nationality
    • Include the applicant's passport number, place of issue, issue date, and expiry date 
    • Specify the purpose of the visit and duration of stay
    • Include a signature on top of company seal and should be in Chinese language with date of signature
    • Be signed with signatory name and designation written in Chinese language
    • Have the company name written in both Chinese and English languages
    • Include the contact details of the inviting company/host, email ID, address, and designation
    • Bear the round stamp of the inviting company
    • Be valid with it being issued no more than one month from date of application

  6. Host ID

    The signing authority of the invitation letter in China must provide a photocopy of their government issued ID. The ID copy must have the same signature as on the letter of invitation.

  7. Proof of Company Registration

    Evidence of registration for the company to be visited in China. This must be provided as a copy of the company's registration certificate in China.

  8. Personal Statement

    This must be provided as an original personal statement from the applicant. This letter must:

    • Be addressed to "The Visa Officer, Chinese Consulate General, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India / Name of applicant"
    • Have a subject line indicating the purpose of visit
    • State passport details
    • Include the purpose of visit, duration of stay, and travel dates
    • Include who will be financially responsible for the applicant
    • Be signed by the applicant with home address, contact number, and email address

  9. Proof of Vaccination

    A copy of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. This certificate must:

    • State the full name of the applicant as it appears in passport
    • Include the passport number of the applicant
    • Include a bar code
    • Indicate full vaccination against COVID-19

  10. CIBTvisas Order Form

    Provide the CIBTvisas Order Form included in this kit.

    Please note that all card payments will only be made upon completion of the visa application process. 

  11. Applicants holding previous passport(s)

    Applicants must provide the original of previously issued passport(s), if applicable.

  12. Rush Service Applicants

    A copy of the travel itinerary including dates and locations of planned visits.